It has been two months since I bought these pair from BAUHAUS Trinoma.

Khyke 2 Boots, BOXFRESH

It's so awesome, I abuse wear it all the time! in office, church, interviews, school, everywhere! even my blog "mascot" wears it! 
I just took a quick photo before it get more rugged looking because of overuse! HAHA 
I think Boxfresh and I need some business to do! HA!

I made a quick C4D study over the weekend, ended up with these ABSCBN Wallpapers up for grabs! 

the logo consists of a straight line and RGB circles

Study 1 - Neat/classic look, over peach.
Studies cant be downloaded as wallpaper, I didn't render them in HQ

Study 2 - how will it appear on a darker background.

Study 3 - back with the lighter background with a little blue.

I dont know why, but it reminds me of Toy Story so I came up with the idea of laying them down on the "floor" like how would it appear if it's a toy.

almost done, I just have to fix the green one. It kind of outshine the other color.

The final look took me 15 mins to render, Imagine how many hours of rendering will it get me when I animate this thing.
DOWNLOAD (1680x1080)

Version 1

Version 2

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