City Hunter 시티헌터 - ABSCBN

Motion Graphic Artist : Karlo Victoriano
Promo Producer : Ian Faustino 

Initial Design by: Roger Villon

Final design + screen-caps from the Title Card

So I removed the "broken glass" effect and add a different texture on the background
than just black and white. the text's font was retained to respect the initial design made by the artist (and approved by the client).

The intro of the artcard which will not be seen on TV. 

*Read more for Design Breakdown and Version 2

Version 2 + Breakdown

To respect the original/initial design made by the artist (and was approved by the client) I retained his grungy font for the official logo .
This one, I made a different version of the text for my portfolio. 

The "N" is actually a rotated "Z"

 Full frame artcards
The design was based from a City Hunter wallpaper online

Lowerthirds/ BrandBug

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